About the owner!


Hi everyone! My name is Jocelyn and I am the owner & creative mind of Forget Me Not Designs. When I am not in the world of personalization, you can find me at the barn riding my horse, at home watching a solid series on Netflix, or spending time with my friends. 

Forget Me Not Designs is a venture that I started 2014 with a little help from my mother. I actually "borrowed" her cutting machine to get my business started and she hasn't gotten it back to this date. 

Forget Me Not Designs unofficially began when I was in college. I was in Phi Mu Fraternity (still am, just alum status) and I was interested in taking on two new members (twins) as my little sisters. Well, after a call into headquarters to figure out the average spending amount per little, I was told the average is $500-$1000 each. On a college budget, that was not possible so I ended up DIYing a lot of their items! This included shirts, pin boxes, canvases, etc.

As I was finishing up on their items I thought to myself, "How cool would it be if I could make custom barn wear for myself without breaking the bank?" For those who don't know, equestrians LOVE personalized clothing and items. Whether it be a simple monogram or barn logo, more likely than not, we have it on everything. So I began working with heat transfer vinyl exclusively to create barn wear for myself. After I debuted the shirts, my trainer and barn mates loved them! I began selling them on a custom order basis and that is still how my business is run to this date! 

In 2018, I added embroidery & screen printing to my line up of options, which in turn just gives you all more options as well. 

Although it may seem like we only do equestrian items, I assure you that is not the case. The only limit is our imagination! I have helped many bride's create swag bags for their bridal parties, automotive business create awesome 3-D puff embroidered hats, and schools with their spirit wear. 

If you've made it through all of these paragraphs, thank you for reading me ramble on about the business I love!